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Virtual International Partnership Conference

Sustainable Partnerships for Sustainable Development, November 9th and November 10th 2021

With a two-part conference concept, the "Municipal Know-How for the Host Communities Middle East" programme of the Service Agency Communities in One World of Engagement Global concludes its ongoing second project phase and launches the third project phase.

As a closing event for the second project phase, a virtual conference will be held on November 9 and 10, 2021. Around 80 participants from Jordanian, Lebanese, Turkish and German partner municipalities will come together to jointly explore which they have made and which synergies they can find together.

In the third project phase, starting in January 2022, the main focus will be on consolidating and strengthening the partnerships and the network in a sustainable manner. But how can we address common ongoing regional challenges, such as political instability, economic crises, and youth unemployment, as well as overarching global issues, such as social inequality, migration and displacement, and the Corona pandemic? How can we strengthen local governance and build resilience in our communities to manage crises? Participants will discuss these questions in various working groups throughout the two days of the conference. A panel discussion on the challenges and opportunities for local governments in implementing the 2030 Agenda on the second morning will round off the event.

A second part of this event series, which is expected to take place in September 2022, will build on the virtual event in November. At this conference, participants will further address the issues in greater depth. This event is expected to take place in Jordan. The attendees are already looking forward to seeing each other in person again.

For questions about the programme and registration, please contact Faraz Dahar.