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Network meeting of Jordanian partner municipalities

Exchange of ideas, plus a training course on intercultural communication

In early October delegates from eleven Jordanian partner municipalities met at the Dead Sea for a three-day network meeting. The highlight of the conference was a training course on German regional and cultural studies, and a sharing of ideas on good practice examples from the work of municipal partnerships.

Ahmad Al Asad from the Ministry of Local Administration and Project Manager Wencke Müller opened the network meeting. On day one and day two the training course on ‘German regional and cultural studies, and intercultural communication’ took place. Here, participants were made more aware of cultural differences and parallels, formal communication, values and ways of working in Germany. The course aimed to prompt participants to reflect on their own cultural values and norms in the context of municipal partnerships.

Day three was all about networking and sharing ideas. The support team from the 'Municipal know-how for host communities in the Middle East' (IKKN) programme also held a virtual meeting containing advice on how to the use Quick-Starter Packages. The local Project Coordinator led a discussion on 'importing goods' in projects. After that five municipalities presented good practice examples, lessons learned and challenges faced when cooperating with German project partners. The participants discussed the good practice examples and challenges intensively. 

Then they formed breakout groups to discuss how they might use a virtual platform for closer networking and sharing of lessons learned. Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) offered to continue moderating this discussion, and to produce and manage a website for sharing experiences. GAM's initiative was very much appreciated by the participants.
The conference was highly interactive. This fostered dialogue and mutual learning among the delegates from the Jordanian municipalities present at the meeting.

Delegates from the following Jordanian partner municipalities attended: Jerash, Gharb Irbid, Al Wassattiyah, Region Bani Kinana, Irbid, Deir Alla, Ajloun, Al Karak, Al Wasattiyah, Amman and Al-Juneid.