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Abridged video on the exploratory trip to Lebanon

A compact overview of the various phases of initiating a project

In November 2017, as part of the Municipal Know-How for Host Communities in the Middle East (IKKN) programme, a 14-strong delegation from five municipalities in Germany's Westallgäu region travelled to Lebanon to familiarise themselves with the situation of Syrian refugees there. Since then, as a result of this trip numerous contacts and project partnerships between Lebanese and German municipalities have arisen.

The IKKN programme filmed the participants before, during and after the trip. The 13-minute video that emerged shows in detail the process of initiating municipal project partnerships.

We have now produced a short version of the video that runs for just under 8 minutes and is highly suitable for use during consultations and events. It provides a compact overview of the various phases of initiating projects: from the motivation, to making the initial contact and entering into dialogue, and on to launching the first steps of a project.

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