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Sharing Municipal Expertise through the Community of Practice (until 2018 )

Here we will be keeping you posted with examples of Connective Cities’ dialogue forums, practitioners' workshops and fact-finding missions that have taken place as part of the Programme.



Many innovative local solutions for sustainable urban development already exist, yet practitioners are often not sufficiently aware of them. There is a lack of systematic access to these practical solutions and contacts. This is the context in which Connective Cities – the International Community of Practice for Sustainable Urban Development – was set up in order to facilitate dialogue among municipal experts and mediate between supply and demand.
During the initial phase, Connective Cities played a key role in supporting the partner country component of the Municipal Know-how for Host Communities in the Middle East programme. Through dialogue and learning events such as workshops, training courses and fact-finding missions, experts from German municipalities were brought together with their counterparts from municipalities in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon in a process of intensive expert dialogue. This covered topics such as liveable neighbourhood development, local business development, and sustainable recovery and recycling.

Sharing municipal expertise (Photo: Engagement Global)
Sharing municipal expertise (Photo: Engagement Global)
Innovative solutions (Photo: Connective Cities)
Innovative solutions (Photo: Connective Cities)

This sharing of lessons learned has since led to the emergence of a significant number of municipal project partnerships. Consolidating and further developing these is now a task for the partner country component of the Municipal Know-how for Host Communities in the Middle East programme. This is why joint work with Connective Cities came to an end in 2018. 
Connective Cities nevertheless continues to operate across the region, where is promotes the sharing of lessons learned.

Connective Cities is a collaborative project of the Association of German Cities, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and Engagement Global's Service Agency Communities in One World. It is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon

Examples from the municipal exchange of expertise


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