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Municipal development

The UN Sustainable Development Goals

Face global challenges at a local level

Illustration of the One World Concept
Illustration of the One World Concept (graphic: Engagement Global)

The global community has set up Agenda 2030 – a new framework for tackling global challenges such as climate change, escape, migration, and urbanisation. Because global challenges are often perceived locally, a new interplay of different levels is needed. The role of municipalities in terms of sustainable development is stronger than ever, and has great potential. Municipalities are the connection between national cooperation and civil society, and are therefore key players in development policies.

Common practice

Partnerships enable the exchange of experience

Municipal exchange of expertise
Municipal exchange of expertise (photo: Engagement Global)

If municipal administrations and policies implement or adopt measures to promote sustainable development locally and in developing country, we speak of municipal development policy. This provides solutions to global challenges, and is common practice in many German cities and municipalities.

Development-related, municipal partnership work facilitates international experience and expertise exchange amongst municipal experts. Through this, action can be challenged, and new perspectives can be discovered. Intercultural learning experiences and new perspectives of global connections enable regionally-adapted solutions to global challenges such as international migration, escaping and Urbanisation.

Focused on future issues

Involvement on behalf of the Federal Ministry

The development-oriented municipal approach complements bilateral and multilateral perspectives, and can contribute to the improvement of local municipal structures. Engagement Global’s Service Agency Communities in One World (SKEW) is the competence centre for municipal development policy in Germany. By order of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the service centre has been providing assistance to municipalities since 2001. It provides advice, encouragement and information on the future issues of globally sustainable municipalities, municipal partnerships, migration and development and fair public procurement/acquisition.

Middle East experts exchanging experiences
Experience exchange (photo: Engagement Global)
Burkina Faso, Palestinian territories, Lesotho

Examples of successful municipal partnership projects

Participants in the Stadt des Fairen Handels (City of Fair Trading) competition

Future issues for the SKEW