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Partnership project München - Gharb Irbid

Impressions of the peer-to-peer visits to Ajloun and Aqaba

A woman is holding a Monopoly board. We can see a man next to her on the left.
A board game provides information on the natural highlights at Ajloun Forest Reserve and conveys valuable knowledge about Jordan.
Two women are standing in front of a shelf filled with soap.
The forest reserve shop specialises in local and natural products – such as soap that the women have made themselves.
A woman is standing in front of a shelf filled with bakery products, and is holding a pastry ring towards the camera.
Ajloun Forest Reserve has its own bakery. The pastry rings are one of its most popular products.
A woman is holding a sheet of paper with a calligraphic design on it towards the camera.
'Gharb Irbid and Munich' in Arabic calligraphy from the House of Calligraphy.
A woman is standing in front of a lush garden.
The project 'Explaining Umm Al Yanabee' is an environmentally-friendly local family business supported by Ajloun Forest Reserve.
Two women and three men are standing on a piece of disused land.
The farm in the Ajloun Forest Reserve is based on organic agriculture.
A viewing platform with a sign saying 'Ajloun Forest Zipline'.
The Ajloun Forest Zipline is one of the reservation's showcase projects.
Two men are busy with equipment for the zipline.
The safety equipment for the zipline is regularly checked by local staff.
View inside of a seminar room. Women are sitting at a distance from each other, each at their own desk. A man is standing up, giving a talk.
The director of the forest reserve is giving them a preview of activities and opportunities to work together.
A man seen from behind. The writing on his shirt tells us that he works for the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature.
The Ajloun Forest Reserve was created by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature.
A woman and five men are standing in a carpet shop.
The director of the Ayla company's department for public relations and corporate social responsibility is explaining the partnership with the private sector and the importance of the concept of social responsibility within the 'Al Bayt Al-Badawi', a traditional craft enterprise.
A man in standing in a bazaar in front of some pottery vessels.
Al Bayt Al-Badawi is a family business run by father and son.
Discussion in a workspace. Nine people are sitting at dark desks.
The director of the iPark is explaining the concept of incubators and the support they provide to businesses and start-up projects.
A woman is standing at a lectern. Rednerpult
The director of JOUHD Aqaba is outlining the projects supported by the development organisation.
A woman is speaking before an audience.
The deputy director of OUHD Aqaba presenting methods and tools for empowering women.
In a large room, thirteen people are sitting on chairs arranged in a circle.
The delegation from Gharb Irbid discussed opportunities for cooperation with staff members of JOUHD and project managers with a proven track record.
A building with a sign in front of it indicating that it is the premises of a women's association.
The Disi Women Cooperative Association supports women in Jordan's remote south.
A woman and a man are standing in a souvenir shop.
The director of the Disi Women Cooperative Association reporting on the women's projects supported by the association.
Earthenware in glass display cases.
The pottery was hand-made by women from Disi.
Framed pictures of brightly coloured naive art.
These paintings from Disi tell mythological tales from the region.