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A man in a suit is standing behind a lectern and speaking into a microphone.
Dr Lutz Trümper, Mayor of the City of Magdeburg, opened the meeting. Photo: Stefan Deutsch
Men and women are sitting in a large room painted an orange shade of red, looking toward the podium
Delegates from municipalities already taking part and those interested in getting involved in project partnerships met in Magdeburg. Photo: Stefan Deutsch
One woman and two men are standing together, talking.
Participants workshopped issues of cooperation. Photo: Stefan Deutsch
Two women and one man are sitting at a table, holding a conversation.
Participants compared notes on their experiences with projects supported through the Middle East Quick-Starter Package. Photo: Stefan Deutsch
Participants at the meeting are posing for a group photo.
The participants – at a glance. Photo: Stefan Deutsch
A man is attaching a card to a pinboard.
Making sure nothing gets forgotten – good ideas were put up on the pinboard. Photo: Stefan Deutsch
People are standing next to each other in a line and talking.
There was plenty of good communication at the workshops. Photo: Stefan Deutsch
People sitting on chairs looking forward
Participants learned that the work of municipalities is very important because they have a major influence on the lives of their citizens. Photo: Stefan Deutsch
People sitting at tables opposite each other
'How should we respond to the refugee crisis in Lebanon? – This was the question discussed by the working group on Lebanon. Photo: Stefan Deutsch