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The delegation, comprising six women and four men, seen here posing for a group photo. The German and Lebanese flags are on display in the background.
Reception for the delegation at the German Embassy. The delegation included the Mayor of Kirchhundem, representatives of the Civil Engineering Office and SER Straubing, and delegates from the Netzwerk Innenstadt NRW (North Rhine-Westphalian inner city network). Also present were staff members of the programme and the Lebanon Country Office of Democracy Reporting International.
View across a wide landscape scattered with refugee shelters
Informal refugee settlements around Douris
A man is holding a plaque up to the camera. He is surrounded by six men and two women.
The visitors from Germany seen here receiving a memorial plaque from the mayor in Rmeich.
Here we see a man on a building site in a barren landscape. Six other people are listening to him.
The German delegation visiting a recreational area currently under construction. As well as an artificial lake, new restaurants, shops or a theatre are planned to boost tourism in and around Al Quaa.
A man is being interviewed by a woman by the side of a road. Four other women are listening.
The Mayor of Al Quaa, Mr Bachir Mattar, showing the German experts the site for a planned indoor vegetable market, and reporting on its progress.
A woman dressed in red is sweeping the ground in front of a makeshift shelter.
A refugee camp near Al Quaa
A shed in a mountain valley serving as a collection point for plastic bottles
A waste compaction plant near Hebbarieh
A waste collection point in a mountainous region
A waste collection point near Hebbarieh
A group of participants are crossing a road. In the background we see a multi-storey building.
Street scene in Bourj Hammoud, a multicultural municipality with a population of around 150,000 in Greater Beirut
View of a sports field with floodlights and high-rise apartment blocks in the background.
Bourj Hammoud football stadium. In the background we see one of the earlier projects supported by the municipality to promote social housing construction
A playground with benches and play equipment. Trees provide shade.
A new playground for refugee and local children in Bourj Hammoud.
View of a row of houses. In the foreground power cables and cars.
Shown here in the background is one of the social housing construction projects in Bourj Hammoud. As in many places in Lebanon, power cuts are a frequent occurrence.