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Deutsche Kommunen verfügen häufig über das kommunale Know-how, das vor Ort gebraucht wird. Kommunen in Nahost stehen oft vor der Herausforderung, regionale Probleme gezielt zu lösen. Bilaterale Projektpartnerschaften helfen, gemeinsam Lösungsansätze zu entwickeln und Projektideen umzusetzen. Wer Projektpartner sucht, sehen Sie hier.


ID G139


Municipality of Menjez, Libanon


Kommunale Projektpartnerschaft


  • Wasser- und Abwasser
  • Energieeffizienz, Erneuerbare Energien
  • Sanierung, Instandsetzung von Gebäuden/Plätzen


District heating and cooling central unit Cultural heritage consolidation abd restoration Waste water treatment


Menjez is located in Akkar district, North Lebanon (290 houses, 800 inhabitants, 140 km from Beirut, 300 - 450 m) Menjez has an exceptional archaeological heritage site in Lebanon and includes: - A Roman temple called maqam er rabb or Beit Jaalouk, the only basalt in Lebanon (dedicated to the goddess Nemesis, KRENCKER D. & ZSCHIETZSCHMANN W., 1938. Römische Tempel in Syrien, Berlin. - A crusader castle (that of the Felix or the Felicium of the Hospitallers of Saint John of Jerusalem, now known as the Order of Malta, studied by Father Carme, Doctor César Mourani). - 85 megalithic prehistoric tombs from the Bronze Age unique in Lebanon, STEIMER-HERBERT T., 2000. Etude des monuments mégalithiques de Menjez (Liban) d’après les carnets de fouilles du R.P.M. Tallon (1959-1969), Syria 77, pp. 11-21. Menjez is an agglomeration whose origins date back at least to the medieval period. Led by two rivers Nahr Menjez and Nahr El Kabir, or the Eleutherus of the Crusaders, is fed by a large water source that serves the village for drinking water and for the irrigation of agricultural land. The old center of the still authentic village is made up of vernacular dwellings of black basaltic stone typical of the region, a parish church dedicated to the prophet Daniel, a dispensary and a Saint Francis of Assisi school managed by the Franciscan sisters (300 students), the Notre Dame convent of Lebanese Maronite monks, a technical school, a fire station and two Lebanese army posts. Menjez is also known for the exceptional quality of its arable land (volcanic and basaltic subsoil) exceeding 5.9 million square meters with 600,000 square meters of communal properties including the black forest of Menjez of over 400,000 square meters, a witness to a rich biodiversity. Despite our situation in the border region in the far north of Lebanon, the daily problems, challenges and anxieties of the inhabitants with the economic and political crisis and the significant and crushing impact of the Syrian crisis at all levels and in all areas, the municipality of Menjez has multiplied its efforts in the field of local and urban sustainable development since 2012, such as: - The Municipality of Menjez has signed the global covenant of mayors like 6312 municipalities in the world, and with funding from the European Commission the municipality of Menjez has made a SEAP (Sustainable Energy Action Plan) with the help of the municipality of Naples Italy. The Menjez SEAP is the first one that was accepted among those of Lebanese cities by the deliberative council of the covenant of mayors on 14-04-2016. - Like the 1852 municipalities in the world, the municipality of Menjez has signed (Bristol UK) the World Fair Trade Charter through Fair Trade Towns in Lebanon (EU Project AKFAR II) and has been declared the first Fair trade town in Lebanon and the Middle East. - The US Agency for International Development USAID has financed Menjez's "Rural Tourism Strategy and Action Plan". - The European Commission has financed a forestry action project as well as the development of an action and management plan for the Black Forest in Menjez and the creation of two units for the extraction of essential oil from bay leaves and the extraction of oil of the fruit of laurels in collaboration with the university Balamand. - The Nature Conservation Center at the American University in Beirut realized the tourist map of Menjez. Http:// - The municipality of Menjez began the development and implementation of a Menjez Fire Wise Action Plan in collaboration with the Lebanon Reforestation Initiative, the MADA association, the US Forestry Department and funded by USAID. - The US Agency for International Development has approved funding in collaboration with the René Mouawad Foundation for the installation in 2017 of a 100 Kw solar power plant to replace municipal electric generators. - The European Commission has approved, in collaboration with the Green Plan, the financing of a hill lake will serve as collector of 50 thousand cubic meters of rainwater to irrigate the agricultural fields. - This year the region and city of Menjez is in the list of the Mediterranean basin biodiversity hotspot of the critical ecosystem partnership fund (CEPF)

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